Lady Gaga, The Born This Way Ball

Lady Gaga, The Born This Way Ball

A short article about my overall thoughts of the show. No spoilers are included in this paragraph. Best live concert I have ever watched.

Last night, 11th September 2012, I went to watch the born this way ball in the Manchester MEN arena after what seemed like the longest wait in history for a concert.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as obviously I had only seen the stage designs from the ‘blue prints’ that Lady Gaga put on twitter. I could have watched videos from her shows on Youtube, however I didn’t see the point in ruining the surprise for myself.

After attending the Monster ball in 2009 and seeing the stage sets that she had and the overall performances of the night, I had a pretty good idea that this time would be even better. I wasn’t wrong as it was most definitely the best live concert I have ever attended. First off, with the amazing stage set, the monster pit and the overall layout it had more of a feeling of watching play than a music concert.

Secondly was the playlist, which was undoubtedly the best selection of music she has released and the remainder of Born this way, although I still get a little emotional when Monster or Dance in the dark are not performed.

Next was the sound quality, as I have found in the past when watching artists in the MEN arena that sometimes if you are not close enough to the stage, the sound can become muffled when artists are addressing the audience. However, even though I was sat on the opposite side of the arena facing the stage the sound quality was amazing, very clear and concise.

The choreography for each performance was also pretty incredible, with the famous Bad romance, Telephone, Alejandro and all other routines still existing amongst the new. The props that were used were also pretty incredible, from the very beginning to the end, were high tech looking equipment had been used to create a range of different illusions, paired with the amazing job by the lights teams who rounded off each performance with epic trance like displays.

Overall, without the music, the lights, props and stage sets. The one thing that really does set Lady Gaga’s shows apart from the rest is the sense of unity and the atmosphere that is create by not just her but my the audience as well. From diehard fans who were dressed in iconic Gaga attire to the people who had come straight from work, the clothes and the makeup doesn’t really matter because everybody shares the same message of love and equality, and this really does seem to be the main focus of the show.

Overall I was overly impressed yet again by Lady Gaga and the Haus, who put together the most incredible show. Although the tickets were on the expensive side compared to the Monster ball it is easy to see why and the money was very well spent.

The only other downside to this tour is the lack of shows within each country, obviously I am aware that a world tour is very long and tiring and that it would be impossible to play all major cities in each country, it would just be great if every little monster could experience the brilliance of the born this way ball.

I am aware this is very brief and lacks depth in description however I am aware that many people are still yet to watch so I would hate to ruin any surprises. But if you are going, I can guarantee that you will have the most amazing time.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a magical day,


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Very Well Written!

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